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#10 The Devil's Backbone (2001) Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this is the skillful prequel to Pan's Labyrinth. During the Spanish Civil War, an orphan boy confronts the secrets that haunt the orphanage of Saint Lucia. El Spinazzo del Diablo


#9 The Howling (1981) Directed by Joe Dante, starring Dee Wallace. The was the first truly convincing werewolf movie that set the standard for the next 3 decades. This movie spawned 7 sequels.


#8 Ju-On : The Grudge (2003) The original Japanese movie was eerie in many disturbing ways.


#7 Friday the 13th (Original 1980) Kevin Bacon's first big film break. Unlike some of its sequels (3, 4, 6) this movie was genuinely well crafted, and has a nice twist ending. and TV spot:


#6 The Thing (1982) "Man is the warmest place to hide" John Carpenter showed us his directorial genius again, in a sci-fi/horror masterpiece starring Kurt Russell. A science crew in the arctic circle find a spaceship frozen in the ice from centuries earlier. Something sneaks out and begins to take over each man.


#5 Jeepers Creepers (2001) “Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers...” An often overlooked film, this scarey thriller built up a good premise and followed through to the end. Jeepers Creepers and its sequel were both very deftly cut, and are truly fun to watch.


#4 The Fog (1980) The perfect ghost story, The Original Fog was brilliantly filmed. The music is inspired, and the scenes of the fog rolling in from the bay – are creepy. 100 years ago, the founders of Antonio Bay caused a ship of lepers to crash on its rocks, stealing their gold. Now on the anniversary, the ship has come back with its crew to claim its gold, and revenge.


#3 Pumpkinhead (1988) Stan Winston gives us an excellent fright film, and a new icon: Pumpkinhead. He gets revenge on those who've been wrong, but at a price.  The witch, Hagus, is perfect with her raspy voice, "It's what you want, Ed Harley." 


#2 John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) The Original Halloween, crafted with skill by John Carpenter. Possibly the best horror movie soundtrack of all time, too. Michael Myers escapes his asylum and comes home to Haddonfield, Illinois, to find his sister. Tag-line: The Night he came home.


#1 The Changeling (1980) The pinnacle of ghost films. You'll never forget the child's voice during the séance scene, “Joseph....” George C. Scott moves into a secluded mansion to write music, but the ghost of a wheelchair-bound child – murdered 70 years ago for profit – remains. The child want's the composer's help to get revenge. The wheelchair in the attic is creepy and unforgettable. This movie often gets missed, but is a must-see!

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